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The CORE FOUR Business Planning Course®

Index of Worksheets

  • Business Owner Resume
  • Cash Flow Projections
  • Cash for Goods or Services
  • Cash for Operations
  • Commercial/Industrial Customer Profile
  • Commercial/Industrial Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Competitor Evaluation 1
  • Competitor Evaluation 2
  • Competitor Evaluation Summary
  • Create Your Marketing Plan
  • Creating Your Sales Presentation
  • Distribution
  • Features and Benefits
  • Image/Packaging/Signage
  • Individual Customer Needs Survey
  • Individual Customer Profile
  • Individual Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Industry
  • Insurance
  • Location
  • Market Position
  • Market Research
  • Marketing Plan
  • Operations Planning Checklist
  • Personal Financial Statement
  • Personal Income and Expenses
  • Pricing: Identify Your Cost Types
  • Professional Development Plan
  • Projected Sources and Uses of Funds
  • Questionnaire - For Interviewing a Business Owner
  • Sales to Cash Breakeven
  • Sample Business Readiness Assessment Checklist
  • Startup Cash Assumptions
  • Work Plan Outline

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